What YouTube Dreamers Don’t Realize About Being a YouTuber

So many people quickly dream of being a “YouTuber” when they hear the earning potential it has to offer when they come across a video doing well that seems like it would be so easy to recreate. Yet, most people don’t end up pursuing those dreams either because they accept it was just a brief fleeting moment of inspiration and unrealistic in nature to achieve, or because they give it a try and realize, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For those who have yet to try making online content for the masses and have just begun looking into what it takes, allow me to share with you what YouTube dreamers don’t realize about being a YouTube that you may want to consider before going out and making any sort of purchase to fund your dreams.

On the next page, you will find a list where some of items may not end up applying to you and may apply more so to others but the list will be a little different than those “what I wish I knew about being a YouTube” or “how to be a YouTube content creator” videos or blogs all over the internet that you might find all over the internet and covers more or less what action steps you’re suggested to take and/or might not be aware of as you go about pursuing a “YouTube career”. The list divesĀ  more into the experiences one will likely encounter, and ones that either you’ll have to overcome or endure, as part of finding success; or it will be what leads you to eventually decide to quit and come to the realization that maybe being a “YouTuber” is not really for you.

As morbid as choosing to fail might sound, consider that our time that we have to pursue our goals and realize our dreams is limited and if I’ve learned anything about running a business, where our time is the equivalent of an investment of resources (usually our capital), then in that regard, like our time, spending our money wisely sometimes require we do a better job at the exact opposite and dictates incorporating a strategy based on saving money by cutting losses early to avoid wasteful spending, thus realizing early on what hardships might lie ahead is intended to be much more of an opportunity to be reminded of what’s important to you so that you might reconsider how you want to spend your time and effort, rather than possibly choosing to carryon on pursuing what may, in the grand scheme of things, serve more as a distraction from obtaining your ideal lifestyle and whilst delaying the discovery of your life’s true calling.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it, only continue reading if you’re ready…