With more and more services providing entertainment being made available online through subscription services, some people may feel like they’re only keeping their cable or satellite TV services purely for the discounts included as a part of a bundle. Some may have chosen to continue paying monthly for television simply because of the handful of channels they enjoy watching which are only available through their cable or satellite provider. Others of us have probably not even given it a second thought because it’s been such a long-time utility bill (that keeps going up every year BTW) that we don’t even consider it a luxury cost.

Whatever the reason might be, if you could get 38,000 channels for as little as $10 month would it be enough to offset the discount you lose in bundling your cable or satellite TV services?

Introducing IPTV

IPTV is what’s known as Internet Protocol Television, which is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol networks. It can include live television, live media, time shifting media, and/or video on demand. While there are a growing number of providers, the one being introduced today is Private IPTV Access.

With pricing tiers based on the number of connections you would like to have and not one that makes you choose giving up features like 4K & HD video quality or one that determines the number of channels you can access, sometimes forcing you to choose a higher tier just so you can get that one channel you’d like; then you might be able to see why an IPTV plan is much more flexible with your needs and is slowly garnering the attention of those who are tired of the rising prices of cable/satellite TV yet still find themselves having to watch ads in between their favorite shows.

That is to say, whether you opt for the $10/month, $18/month, $26/month or $40/month plan (as of May 2022), you’ll still access to over 35,248+ channels, a wide variety of Premium 4K, HD & SD channels; and the only difference is that you are limited to 2, 3, 4, or 6 simultaneous connections (respectively). That means that for two TVs being used at the same time, you could be streaming channels from the UK, USA, Canada, & other countries around the world for as little as $10/month! (Well, that plus your internet bill, of course)


Although the service has been around for awhile and was more popular among sports fans or those who were looking to watch TV programming from other countries, it’s slowly been gaining popularity with the masses as more and more people are looking to lower their utilities bills by cutting out the cable but don’t want to miss out on their favorite programming.

So what’s the catch you might be wondering?

Well, the device you watch from must be able to support playing .m3u files, which means you’re either going to need a TV that at least has a USB port, a Smart TV, or a device that you can cast from to the TV (which can be plugged in by HDMI or other method if you’re someone with a TV that doesn’t have a USB port). In other words, if you can enter in a URL to stream a video, chances are that device is compatible with IPTV.  If you can’t configure a direct m3u URL to your media player, don’t fret just yet, it’s possible to also download the .m3u file to store the file locally and launch it from the media player. 

How to Watch

VLC is a great program if you want to stream Live TV from your PC or or Laptop. You can also find it in the app store which should work for playing on your Apple or Android device.
You simply need to generate the M3U format channel playlist to and open the file using VLC or whatever software you choose for playing media.
That means you can use your private generated M3U file with VLC, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, Kodi and enjoy.

Try Before you Buy

Right now with this link, Private IPTV Access is offering a free, 3-day trial so you can see what sort of quality to expect, how fast the video files can stream, and whether or not it’s going to be complicated for you to set up. You can also find a full list of channels here.

Side Notes & Tips:

  • It is recommended that you have an internet connection of at least 10 Mbps download speeds to be able to watch video playback smoothly. If you’re barely there, then please be aware that other devices using your internet connection will have an effect on your video playback.
  • If you have a Smart TV and are watching through a firestick, MAG, STB, or Chromecasting from another device, you will have much better results if you use a TV app that is designed to be an IPTV player.
  • Android users may have better results if using VLC Beta instead of the regular VLC.
  • This one may be a bonus for some but a concern for others, so please be aware there are adult-rated (XXX) channels as well on IPTV. However, you can filter and customize your playlist to exclude those channels. if you’d like. You can either do it manually in your downloaded .m3u file (using that same file again and again but you will miss updates on new channels being added) or if you’re using EPG, you can use an online service such as which is the recommended site to use for EPG.
  • If you have a smart TV, there is an app specifically made to facilitate watching all those channels, look for “IPTV Smarters” or “IPTV Smarters Pro”. Available on iOS, Android, Samsung Smart TV, and LG Smart TV.
  • For Fire TV, including Firestick  Lite, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube, users will want to use TivMate IPTV Player for the best playback experience. Unfortunately, it’s not officially available from the Amazon App Store and will require sideloading using the “Downloader” App which is available in the Amazon App store. You’ll need to enable Apps from Unknown Sources under Developer Settings to use Downloader and install the apk by downloading it from the following URL: 
  •  If after signing up you have trouble getting IPTV set up, a list of helpful guides and tutorials are coming soon but for immediate assistance, please use the support page to contact me.