The Original Chillpanda

From social media accounts to in-game character names, I am the original, “chill panda.” But, as they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and, it wasn’t long before others out there started to adopt the nickname for themselves. From a game designed to help children recognize and manage anxiety found in the Apple Store, on Google Play, for the Nintendo Switch, and on Steam; to a book published and sold on Amazon meant to help people dealing with change in work and life, the chill panda “brand,” if you will, has developed on its own in all parts of the world and from people of all different walks of life.

Yet, what’s most amazing is that, if in fact, the idea to use “chill panda” as a company name, an app name, a game name, or a book name was not inspired by one another but was by each individual of their own accord, of whom had no relation to one another and are, in most cases, oceans apart or otherwise would not have possibly known of each other; we all seem to share the same vision, ideal, or goal in what we hope chill panda would be or do for others. And, I believe, that’s what makes chill panda so special.

This might also explain why I later chose to adopt the name, “chi11estpanda” instead. Because, if everyone was going to be “chill panda,” I had to distinguish myself from the crowd somehow and that meant becoming the chillest of them all. And, to ensure the future screen names wouldn’t already be taken I had the two L’s in “chillest” be represented by two number ones (or what others might  find easier to say as the number eleven), with each number one having their own secret and symbolic meaning to them.

Unfortunately, in terms of  trademark rights, I can only speak for myself and should any one of these companies that are using “chill panda” feels otherwise and feels I am violating their usage rights or wishes to contest my original, first ownership and commercial usage claim to the “chillpanda” name (with no claims to “The Chill Panda” known as Elvis), may contact me directly here or may review my attestation here.