To best serve its clients, Chi11est Productions does NOT invest in any third-party or overseas support team and can’t offer 24/7 support nor does it attempt to provide you with a generic toll-free number to talk to someone who has no idea about what the business can or can’t do to resolve any issues or address any concerns. Therefore it takes every request seriously and will do its best to respond in a timely fashion.

Current and Past clients refer to individuals or businesses that have or have had to provide payment for a service or product and are generally those have hired me as a freelancer to provide a service or to complete a project. Content Collaborators are generally fellow content creators whereby we are working together to produce some form of content. Those assisting a client may be individuals or representatives asked to reach out to address matters relating to a project. If you are unsure which category you fall under, feel free to skip the question.
Even if you are not a resident or person residing in the European Union, we require consent from all persons as a means of ensuring our obligation to everyone's personal privacy. If you choose not to consent to the storing of your data, please do not submit a request. Chi11est Productions does not actively pursue or on its own accord, have any intention or willfully desires to sell, rent, or lease your information. However, it may be subject to the collection of anonymous data from 3rd party providers that contractually require non-personally identifiable information be shared with them as part of our use of their plugins or services. In those cases, and to the extent of our understanding, it does not include any information that may identify you personally which infers that your contact information would not be shared (this may differ for Google users which is dependent on the privacy settings established in your Google My Account page. For more details, please see the privacy policy of WPForms which provides the plugin for this form and the privacy and terms of Google which provides the reCAPTCHA function to help prevent SPAM.

Chi11est Productions is fully committed to addressing most concerns, resolving almost any conflict, and ensuring a fairly high level of satisfaction is reached for any work performed as a multi-contributor collaboration or as a paid service.  Issues arising from third party providers such as web hosting changes made by other designers or support specialists causing technical errors may or may not be covered by the support offered here.

Chi11est Productions will do its best to respond to any support requests within 2 business days of receiving any inquiries. To contact us for support, please utilize the support form found above or for more urgent matters, please write to it directly with an electronic letter sent here.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make things right!