Sponsoring Opportunities

Coming Soon…

Have you ever wanted to hear your businesses’ name or brand be mentioned when a high-performing video begins their brief segment introducing the video’s sponsor? Or perhaps, have you ever considered the possibility of sponsoring a video as part of a group collective?

Chi11est Productions hopes to provide opportunities for individuals and small business owners to sponsor mini webisodes based on the cost needing to be covered. In it’s most simple form, it is to help the creator help cover the cost of consumables while providing exposure for fellow aspiring entrepreneurs¬† to market themselves or their brands where neither party is attempting to further profit from one another. That is to say, the creator should not have an expectation that the sponsorship amount will cover anything beyond what is needed for the video production while sponsors can have some reassurance that the full level of financial support being provided is not being exploited in a morally or ethically wrong way.

Potential sponsors will be able to read about the intended video, ideally with a first draft thumbnail¬† in place so that for all intents and purposes, the title, thumbnail, and idea behind the video can prove it’s captivation of a potential audience, to further provide evidence that it is a video worth sponsoring.

Ideally, it will be a win, win, for both sides; not favoring one more than the other. Coming soon to a sponsor opportunities list near you…stay tuned.