Live Stream Content Creation & Moderation

From planning special events for your live stream participants or audience to managing a multi-camera stream setup of your live broadcast production, Chi11est Productions offers personally crafted stream elements, graphics, video transitions, and hands on live stream management through a moderator or editor dashboard.

It can help you put together custom graphics and overlays for your next live stream event and help you set up your broadcasting software to utilize the various plugins. It can also play a role in remotely ensuring those items get triggered or play.

Need a moderator to start an event (such as a live poll, give away, or contest) that can’t be triggered automatically? We can help run your stream when you’re out live streaming content. Setting off alerts, moderating chat, and keeping your audience engaged during connection issues are tasks that are sometimes too much to ask volunteers to handle. When you need someone committed as you are with providing a level of quality content that stands out from the rest, Chi11est Productions helps you do that.