Ultimate Goal: A Movie That Changes The World

Have you ever wondered why so many people around the world would continue to believe, say, and/or agree with the idea or notion that there will never be world peace? And, I don’t mean, the “why” or the “how” people would come to feel this particular way, but, what I really mean to ask is; why do so many people continue living a life that accepts this more seemingly pessimistic outlook of a worldwide ill-fate rather than changing their beliefs and begin looking forward to & building a better, brighter future? In other words, is everyone expecting the worst (the world never unites for world peace) and hoping they’re wrong? Or do people not actually want world peace at all (regardless if it’s because they believe it to be impossible or not)?

I’ve always been perturbed by this. Ever since a conversation I had with my sister at a very early age (maybe 5 to 6 years old) I had refused to accept the notion or belief that world peace was impossible.While it is, in fact, absurdly difficult to achieve, a daunting and surmounting task, and one that would take the efforts of many and not just one to achieve, such a lofty goal such as being the one who establishes world peace; it may then seem more practical to set out on a more achievable goal that will still help contribute to the efforts of establishing world peace. One such as:

Convincing the world to believe again that world peace is possible.

The first most major contribution towards the attainment of any form of success starts with believing success is possible. Therefore it might not be the thing that changes the world, but if it can be the one thing that convinces the world to believe in something it has seemingly since long forgotten or stopped believing in; then surely, at least one of the many purposes of its design has been successfully served.