Chillpanda – Est. 2007

The way I see it, no one in the world is ugly, they’re just not your type. So, when people ask me what I do as a creative artist, I tell them that I help people see the beauty in the world that they couldn’t see before.

~David Do, Owner of Chi11est Productions

Chi11est Productions by Chillpanda

Chi11est Productions is a graphic design and online media content production company founded by the social media personality and chill life spokesperson formerly known as “Chillpanda”. Chi11est Productions by Chillpanda pays homage to the dreams that were once imagined and placed on hold to accommodate the onset of “more secure”, “more realistic”, and “more stable” career path. Its ambitions represent the realization that life is too short to leave one’s true passions behind in a never-ending rat race for financial freedom.

The Original Chillpanda
est. 2007

The name “chillpanda” came about as a result of an informal psychology test given by a coworker one night while we were all hanging out at a dessert shop after a closing shift. He told a story with a narrative that posed a series of questions and considerations, of which only one other girl and myself were giving him answers as others around us just listened in. He took us on this imaginative journey that would eventually lead me to discover that my spirit animal was a panda. And, having been recognized as a very chill person due to my demeanor while working, I realized I was “like a chill panda”. Hence from that moment on, I not only took on the pseudonym “chillpanda” and adopted it as my online identity, it also became the name of my first company, which was started in 2007.

“As one, single person, I realized I can only do so much to help actualize the dream of world peace, but if I can create something that helps people find peace within themselves, I’m willing to bet the world will more quickly and easily follow suit and find peace for itself too.”

David Do, Owner of Chi11est Productions

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History of Chillpanda & Chi11est Productions

An early sketch for the brand name.

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Purpose Driven Content

Entertainment that aspires to motivate deeper thinking, inspire change and foster a perspective & outlook for the world that encourages the discovery of inner peace, the practice of empathetic respect, and the acceptance of cultural differences.  

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