Greetings to new site visitors

Hello and welcome the website of Chi11est Productions. We apologize for any perceived lack of substance and would ourselves be a bit embarrassed if the website you see now (before summer of 2021) was meant to represent our company and act as our presence on the internet.

Therefore we want you to know that we’re super excited that you would visit our website before we were even ready to launch and hope you will understand that the site in its current design is acting more like a placeholder website as construction, renovation, and small touches are being applied behind the scenes in preparation for a new site launch. Think of it like you’re renting an office in a building and the commercial property building has a new tenant moving in who is doing construction and when you stop by to drop a visit, you find that they’ve put up a fence for your safety which happens to also prevent you from looking inside the construction site.

We don’t mean to hide from you, we just wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. Feel free to reach out if  you are looking to find more information about us.

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