Freelancer Bid: Project ID: 33551569

Freelancer Bid for Project ID: 33551569

This project is no longer available for bidding.
This page will be removed from lack of the referenced project.

This page provides a projected scope of work based on the details outlined at and is provided for the potential client’s convenience, without any obligation or expectation of bid acceptance.

These are just examples provided for visualizations and should the bid be accepted, adjustments would be made accordingly to the clients’ specifications.

Digital Photo Mockup

Project Bid Details:

This bid is for Freelancer David Do and is estimated for a bid of $1,700

(-$170.00 in fees for a payment of $1,530.00)

The bid covers the cost of production and design, it is currently based on the above image being printed on a framed canvas measuring 24″ x  32″ (W x H) with additional options available. No additional charges will be made for adjustments to meet specifications or for delivery.

See examples below:

Please note that my goal in preparing an example of the work, I have made an effort to use what I believe is the actual deceased’s name to help provide a more accurate depiction of what can be expected in the quality of work and attention to detail. To be completely transparent about how the information was found, I noted that the screenshot was taken from an Instagram account and was able to find the same picture which led to discovery of the name and the memorial.

My sincere condolences to your and your family, I was deeply saddened when I discovered that, in fact, I share the same birthday month and year of your cousin as it made me realize it would be the same as my family suddenly losing me.

3D Rendering example of being printed on a canvas with a White wood frame.

Click on the image to view a larger preview.

3D Rendering example of a canvas print in a black wooden frame.

Feel free to message me on Freelancer to discuss other options.

Although the projected time for completion was set to 2 weeks, it was only to account for possible delays that may occur or adjustments in design that may be made and it is foreseeable that a delivery time may be provided much sooner upon acceptance of my bid. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, I look forward to hearing from you.

-David Do