This one is a hit or miss. I’ve been using them for well over a year now and it’s provided me my payments as expected, provided customer service beyond my expectations, and had me so enthralled I began sharing it emphatically. But, more recently, they’ve seemed to either run into a series of unfortunate events that have resulted in lack of payouts and for a new account I had just made for the purpose of doing a show and tell video, it still has yet to see a single dollar of what it’s put in.

While some would say it’s a scam, and quite possibly it is, I’m either a little bias in hoping that it won’t be or I’ve been brainwashed by a well-portrayed Ponzi scheme of some sort. In my defense, I just felt like the name brands they mention and allegedly work with, along with the continued developments they’ve been adding, it all seems like a lot of effort just to facilitate a scam of some sort, especially considering you could contact any one of those brands to verify their claims of working with them.

Granted, it’s worth noting that Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme went on for decades before he was finally arrested in December 2008 and it’s very possible we may have another large-scale one at work, but I suppose it’s the hopeful side of me that wishes to look past the fact that it’s a website that’s blocked by my Privacy Pass extension. (In my defense, there’s no explanation as to why the site is blocked nor is it clear when it was exactly blocked as it only happened recently and the last update on the extension was in February 2022 while the Github page’s latest release was June 20, 2021. In any case, proceed with caution). Furthermore, some would argue it promises unrealistic returns, but we’re not talking about an investment firm, we’re talking about a program designed to effectively handle the affiliate marketing grunt work.

However, to make sense of it I suppose, is that it could be a front for a data collection company which sells the data it gathers. Considering it’s pretty evident that they are asking individuals to submit receipts to determine their shopping habits, it doesn’t seem too absurd to think that they would, at the very least, have access to the information to make this all possible. And, while it may be all part of the ploy, you can find details of every transaction with a break down, which again, seems like a lot of work to be put into creating an illusion of actual work being done.

All what possible?

An A.I. program that reviews market trends, searches affiliate commissions from manufacturers to select the best offers, and implements an ad campaign aimed at selling those high selling items. In other words, it takes a look at what’s selling on the internet, then searches for any marketing companies or manufacturers that make or offer that product to see if they pay commission to someone who helps sell the item, and then runs an ad campaign through various providers, such as AdSense, and then splits the profit for those who invest.

Now you may be wondering, if this system works so well, why couldn’t they just use it for themselves rather than ask people to invest their own money. Well, in principle it makes sense because they take a portion of the profit that is made as part of their fee. Now, for why they don’t just use their own revenue to build their company is question I can only speculate. But presumably, AI was a hot investment a number of years ago and it created a bubble, it’s very possible they missed out on funding opportunities or invested everything into development. Hence, what you’re putting in is to cover the cost of running those ad campaigns. The company then keeps 30% for themselves while holding the remaining until it’s cleared by the product seller (the one who pays out the affiliate commission) in case of product returns or the such, then it’s cleared from pending and paid to your account.

In any case, feel free to look into it for yourself here. Or click on the photo below to try it out for yourself using a $50 Gift Certificate (which must be paid back from the earnings made following meeting some other criteria). While you may not be able to cash it out without making a deposit, you can at least try the website without depositing anything to see how it works.

A video explaining how the gift certificate works can be found below:

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