Back to Basics with Filmmaking 101

As a now, in 2022, a 9-year-old video upload from NextWaveDV, this hour and thiry-seven minute video caught my attention with its attractive thumbnail and the more classroom-like recording threw me off guard as it was not what I expected. But, within the first 5 minutes following self-introductions, Craig introduces a thought about story-telling that some of us hear all the time but for some reason resonated with me differently and wanted to save this video for future viewing (due to its length).


Full Disclaimer: Though I have an interest in watching this all the way through, in the interest of preserving time and staying focused on the tasks at hand (AKA not letting myself get distracted by YouTube’s interest in keeping me on the platform and returning to work), I have not watched this all the way through. So please feel free to leave your comments about what you learned or what you liked most down below!

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