Below is a broad overview of the services I have been known to do or am capable of doing. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to inquire about participation in an upcoming project. These are private services that are not advertised, marketed, or offered to the general public and should NOT be viewed, perceived, or regarded as a solicitation for business, business partnership, or commercial contract or transaction. All past work publicly displayed was performed without an expectation of compensation and any monetary benefit which may have been offered or received was completely voluntary and at the sole discretion of the party involved. In those particular situations, it was revered and appreciated as a generous donation/tip for the favor performed. Please scroll to and refer to the bottom of the page for more information.


From toddler photos to graduation pics, whether your looking for family/friends photos or an aspiring model looking to build your portfolio, I have the lighting gear and photography equipment to capture life’s most beautiful moments.

Out-Call Photo Session

For residents of Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County and Nevada’s Clark County, I offer a mobile photoshoot session that, with the exception of Orange County, will have fuel surcharges added. Depending on your creative direction or the purpose of the photoshoot, rates will vary. Please feel free to contact me about booking a shoot or as an alternative, feel free to inquire about a possible test shoot.

Photo Retouching

Generally included with photoshoot sessions, I also offer separately, photo retouching and editing. Whether it’s removing unsightly background artifacts, putting you on the moon, or simply making  your skin look perfect, I offer a wide-array of photo enhancements and modifications to make those photo memories exactly how you want them.



While I am well-versed in live-streaming programs and have purchased various amounts of gear focused on streaming, I can easily use that equipment in any of the following ways to serve your needs.

Live-Stream Broadcast

For special events and gatherings that require social distancing or travel restrictions that prevent guests from being able to attend, I can help set up, maintain, and produce on-the-fly live-streaming content of your event to be made available online, either privately or publicly, for others to attend virtually.

Film/Content Production – Camera Person

Your creative ideas, your creative works. Just tell me where to point and shoot and you’ll have your own personal cameraman. Great for aspiring or independent content creators who may not have the equipment or help they need to start making their ideas come to life.


Already have recorded content that just needs a professional touch or look? I can help you compile and create the content you aspire to make by helping to edit your videos to include creating & adding custom intros/outros, smooth transitions, color correction, audio balancing, special effects and more. Get in touch to see if I can provide what you’re looking for.


Digital Content & Graphic Design

For other creative works that are digitally processed.

Web-page Design

I formerly created entire websites for restaurant owners lacking an online presence and can put together an entire webpage from scratch. Or, if you’re looking to renovate, redesign, or modernize your existing page, I can help with that as well.

Custom Artwork/Design

Logos, Page banners,, Twitch Emotes, Icons, Social Media posts, etc. If it’s digital artwork you need, then you’ve  come to the right place.


This page is not an exhaustive list of all the services I am capable of or may have completed in the past. Please send an inquiry using the contact page to discuss with me directly of any creative projects you may have.

Chi11est Productions is a registered FBN and is a legal business entity with an active business license but refrains from linking to this page from the main menu or advertising its services in whole or in part as it is not yet able to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) as evidence of General Liability coverage in the amount of no less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence* with regard to videography services and may be required to file a Workers Compensation Waiver Letter for any commercial project taking place on state owned or operated property. Additionally, it is not a registered student of an accredited film school and would not be able to produce a student certification letter.

*Commercial Liability Insurance can be obtained prior to acceptance of any commercial contract offering.

With regard to model filming, Chi11est Productions is pursuant with Government Code 14999.21 and operates as an exemption unless it enters into a commercial contract for any service either mentioned an unmentioned above. It does not make any offering or solicitation for model or actor work. Any and all participants of a creative work not deemed otherwise or explicitly stated as such in a verbal or written agreement is considered completely voluntary and a wholly-made decision of open free will of the individual and, no expectation of compensation should be assumed or implied.

Chi11est Productions clearly understands the desire for filming to have as little impact on residents and businesses as possible – the nature of a film shoot is that it can sometimes be intrusive, even though the impact may be minimal and all good faith efforts are made to mitigate the impact from filming activities. However, there are few concerns that can’t be successfully resolved when potential clients are upfront and honest of their vision and project needs which allows Chi11est Productions to contact the necessary officials to work together on making filming a positive experience for all involved.