Video & Content Production

A custom made Twitch channel trailer made with complete creative freedom (not directed by the streamer). See it on the channel here or preview it below:


My latest editing project with Twitch Partnered Streamer Lokisqrd involved taking a clip from one of her VODs and turning it into a Twitter post. I trimmed most of the unimportant parts out, added some audio & visual effects, and added a 1-second make-shift thumbnail at the beginning of the video in consideration of how Twitter feeds usually auto-play for users on mobile.


A Twitch Channel trailer I put together for my own Twitch channel. I was unsure of what to do or how to put it all together so I chose just to be honest with myself and use a voice-over which actually mentions how I’m unsure of what my future with Twitch looks like, as in, I haven’t had much time to stream and am still considering whether or not to return.

A sort of highlight video edit from a live stream of the KushCouch Twitch Channel.  A first-time work with beginner-level editing which has since improved, somewhat…lol