Custom Print Creations

As part of the 1st Birthday Photoshoot, I created a fully custom-made photo album with a unique template to capture that memorable day for the parents of Jayden.


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Branded Face-Mask

Setting yourself apart from the competition helps your business be identified. Based on the Chillpanda brand,  I designed and had printed custom face masks that are used to represent my brand while safely serving my clients.







More Than Photo Retouching

But fun with photos! You don’t have to be a model to be interested in photo retouching!  Aside from removing unsightly backgrounds and bring out your best qualities, I can also do photo edits that are sure that help you share your story or make for a great laugh.

An edited photo to resemble a clearly unlikely situation of my guest appearance on the talk show, The View
I might’ve watched Barbara Walters on 20/20, but I sure didn’t meet her on The View!


An edited photo depicting myself as the third astronaut to launch into space on SpaceX first manned spaceflight.
I would ask if you want a souvenir from the space station, but I heard there isn’t much to choose from at their gift shop.