Nikon Lens to Canon Body Adapter with Aperture Control

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In the hopes of winning an auction for a new Canon DSLR and getting it at a major discount, I had to give up the possibility of purchasing one that came with a lens (and even a battery for that matter). This lead me to immediately have some concern over having to purchase more lenses for the potential Canon, assuming I win, of course. But, in previously searching for lens adapters when purchasing used lenses in bulk that didn’t identify the type of mounts they had, I was not too concerned until I discovered the prices.

Looking at compatible adapters nearly gave me a heart attack as I discovered the cost of the adapter would be more than the cost of the camera body itself! Nothing unexpected for the experienced camera user I’m sure, but we’re ballin’ on a budget over here at Chi11est Productions so I was so glad when I came across this YouTube video:


I mean, with prices ranging well above $150+ versus the video title’s advertised $17 I was not only intrigued, I was sold before even hitting the play button! But, I soon noticed that the video was published in 2012 so I was a bit wear of the link that was provided, And, sure enough, the link lead me to some adapter that did NOT have the aperture control. Disheartened, I continued my search until finally…

I came across the “FocusFoto 9th Gen AF Confirm Adapter for Nikon F/AI/AF-S/G Lens to Canon EOS EF EF-S Mount Camera 80D 77D 70D 60D 5D Mark II III 5D2 5D3 7D 6D 3000D 1500D 1300D 1200D 800D 760D 750D 700D 650D 100D” which is quite a breathe full when trying to just specify the item name but otherwise found here for short. 

Not only does it have the aperture control found in the video, it was also cheaper than$17! At least in March 2021 (in case anyone comes across this 9 years later like I did with the video). So now that I have a safe way of using all the lenses I bought for my Nikon D3100, the only thing left preventing me from order said adapter was making sure I win the auction, which still has 2 days left to go.

Wish me luck! fingers crossed