Lokisqrd (Twitch Partner)

Public roles: Twitch Channel Editor, Channel Moderator,

Assist. Graphic Designer, Special Effects Designer

As the designated “creative director,” (by way of assigned Discord role) Chi11est Productions has played an integral part in various design aspects of the Lokisqrd brand that include creating & re-designing the Twitch channel page graphic banners (for the About section), a number of custom-made alert animations, formerly used branded transitions, the starting soon looping animation and intro, and many other promotional branded graphics design projects. It intermittently serves as a channel moderator when time allows and is the informal go to editor for her digital content needs; attending live-streams, making value-driven content for use on other social media platforms, highlighting channel broadcast VODs and clips, and helping to drive broadcast revenue through ad rolls management during live streams. 

Lokisqrd branded banner

Undisclosed efforts include reporting on market research, providing industry insight & advisement, formulating marketing strategies for the assigned target demographics, and channel brand marketing.