My name is David, I’m an independent content creator and videographer with experience in video editing, live-streaming, graphic design, web design, and social media marketing.

From humble beginnings…

My background has always been, up until the pandemic of 2020, involved in restaurant operations management, business management, service, and food preparation. For college, I studied culinary arts and thanks to my early start in the industry while in high school, by my 2nd year, I was fortunate enough to be offered a head chef position for a local Taiwanese Grill. Since then, I’ve worked in nearly every position of the Front of House and Back of House, to include working at the regional level, and have even been contracted as an independent consultant in more recent years. It was during my time as a consultant that I was first given the opportunity to use my creativity and have it produce an income for myself.

While the restaurant industry has always been my long-term source of income, thanks to consequences surrounding COVID-19 and the workplace, I’ve had the opportunity to focus on more of my creative hobbies . I had begun creating websites back in 2005 with Geocities and was always updating my MySpace and Xanga pages with the coolest new web page effects. I starting doing 3D animation with 3D Studio Max before the end of high school and would used to draw for fun as a kid, competing with my cousins to see who could draw better DragonBallZ characters. And, while I’ve worked on projects here and there as part of my consulting days, I never had the opportunity to focus on my creative side until now. And thus, Chi11est Productions was born.

With nearly half of my savings being poured into lighting, sound, and live-streaming equipment; I’m fully vested into pursuing this creative side of mine and currently act as the the Creative Director for a Partnered Twitch Streamer as well as editor for an aspiring YouTube group. However, in those roles I’m not able to utilize the equipment I have nor pursue an opportunity of improving my use of them. So, if not for me, why not for you?

Check out my services to see what I have to offer or follow my Instagram to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Finally, if you’re wondering what sort of equipment I have, just remember, the equipment can make a difference in a production but it’s the filmmaker, the one behind the camera, behind the editing computer, and the one who utilizes all that equipment in the right way, is the one who makes a great production.